Some notes of studying abroad in Davao.

Davao: It is the city in Philippine

  • Term: 2018/06/03〜2018/07/02
  • Place: E&G International Language Center

About class and studying Basic system

  • We select the course when we submit my application. I submitted Intensive course. It consists of 5 one-on-one and 3 group classes.
  • At first in the school, I took a test. And curriculums were chosen according to your score or skills by teachers.
  • We can join there any season. Most students arrived there on Saturday or Sunday and were introduced about E&G on Monday.
  • If you exclude busy period (July to October), you can ask orders in spite of at the last minute.
    • I asked to order before two weeks I went. Thanks, m( )m.
  • You may get homework according to your teachers.
  • Classes are finished until 6:00 pm, and you can self-schooling after dinner.
    • In my case, I got a generous amount of homework. I did it until 10:00 pm.
    • You can use a big room for self-schooling until 9:00 pm.
    • And also small rooms training for speaking.


  • Filipino people use Tagalog or any other Language in domestic.
    • But, they have been using English too from elementary school.
    • I think that it is difficult to communicate with teachers if you can not do simple English.
  • Teachers have a fair accent.
    • They often caught the trace of an accent of me, and brush up it. My English skill.
  • My most weak point in English is pronunciation such as 'L', 'R', 'WO', 'F' and 'TH'.
  • I often fail to the expression of tense and personal.
  • It bites by bit in English writing more than I thought.

Life and sightseeing Dormitory

  • There are 1 to 3 people in one room.
    • And people from different nations are mixed in the one room. It may be intended for communication in English.
  • There is a full-time person who does washing and cleaning. We need not do it.
  • Meals are provided at the same time every day. It is nice, but you should not compare with the Japanese one.
    • Meals are similar to Korean, Chinese or Japanese, but not the same.
    • Bread is very delicious and lauded by students. Taste is strong. I guess flour may be containing a few of embryo.
    • There is raw vegetables.
  • Drinking and smoking are inhibited, but there is a dining bar near the school.
  • There is the guard in the dormitory at all times.
    • A Key is fixed on each room, but you should not trust it. Because a roommate may forget the lock.
    • I suggest you put valuable items in your suitcase.
  • You must observe the rule or leave from there.

The environment around the school

  • The school is in Davao. Teachers said that Davao is a very safe, and more than Cebu and Manila.
  • Teachers suggest us to do sightseeing or play. We can have a talk and get information about how to go and security with them.
  • Davao is safe but you need especially attention when you go to another city.
  • I suggest you search about the place in English additional to Japanese. Because Davao is not common in Japan yet.
  • There are two supermarkets, convenience store, restaurant and fast food shop near the school. We can get some dining utils and foods easily.
  • We could go to a large shopping mall by jeepney after the class.
  • It is difficult to get a fan making of plastic. You should bring it.
  • Sunshine is very strong, but the atmosphere is dry.
  • Air conditioner is so strong somewhere. You should have an outer cloth.
  • It is usually sunny, and often rain in evening.
  • Commodity price is one thirds to one fives than Japan.
  • You need attention to price in private shop because of a rip-off price.
  • I heard that Custom of tipping is turning into desuetude.
  • I suggest you bring Japanese sweets. Because children in sightseeing area often said that give them something.
  • I carried some COUNTRY MA'AMs and mini YO-KANs.


  • I should be carried my camera and fishing rod.
  • I had stomach trouble sometimes. you should have some medicine.
    • I bought many YAKULT and keep it.
  • Internet infrastructure of Philippines is very poor.
    • It is lower speed than another in the school because it used by some students.
    • You have to get sim-card with large capacity if you needed.